What Is Homeopathy? Part 3

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And what it is not?

As mentioned earlier there are a huge number of therapies and for the layman it is not always so simple to differentiate one therapy from the other.

A widely spread misunderstanding about homeopathy is that the homeopath tells you what’s wrong by looking into your eyes. Even though I’m aware of that many homeopaths use this method for diagnosing, fact remains that this has nothing to do with homeopathy.

Some people think that homeopaths use pendulums as a means to find the correct remedy for the patient. Again, this has nothing to do with homeopathy.

Another misunderstanding is that homeopathy is “New Age.” With a method of cure that dates back to Hippocrates himself of course there is no truth in that.

What happens at the homeopathic consultation?

The homeopathic consultation and the selection of remedy is mainly based upon an interview. The symptoms that you have are of great interest, of course. But not only that, you will also be inquired about your sleep, your reactions to hot and cold weather, food habits, cravings and aversions in food, fears and anxieties, mood — just to mention some things that provide the homeopath with valuable information, used in selecting the correct remedy.

The remedies used may come from different plants, metals, minerals and from the animal kingdom. All the remedies have their own very unique picture of symptoms and when given to a sick person it carefully helps the body to get rid of the disease: gently without harming and with no side effects.

The beauty and simplicity of homeopathy is that it works with nature.

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