Using Homeopathy to Enhance a High Volume Practice Post 2

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An introductory Health Appraisal questionnaire is a revolutionary time saver. Medical literature indicates that 83% of all diagnoses can be made at the end of consultation, provided the patient was asked the right questions. A comprehensive Health Appraisal that reveals underlying causes will help you see a patient’s total health picture and readily choose appropriate homeopathic formulas. Patients fill these out on their own time. You need a detailed clinical history that is designed to help you make both chiropractic and homeopathic treatment decisions simultaneously.

There are multiple advantages to using a specialized homeopathic Health Appraisal form.

1. Patients become more aware of their current health status.

2. You can see the diversity and intensity of patients’ symptom patterns at a glance.

3. It produces a systematic approach to correct challenging cases by helping you prioritize treatment.

4. It is a baseline indicator to monitor patient progress and honestly evaluate treatment success.

There is another tool that works hand in hand with a Health Appraisal questionnaire(a Health History worksheet. The appropriate Health History worksheet helps you monitor patient progress under your treatment regime. Where a Health Appraisal gives you a starting point of reference, a Health History worksheet keeps you informed and helps you make decisions about the most recent patient developments. Without this type of tool it is virtually impossible to keep careful track of each patient’s progress without wasting too much of your valuable time.

I have found that the best type of Health History worksheet is updated by the patient during subsequent visits. This eliminates time consuming, repetitive discussions with patients about symptoms and gets each patient actively involved in his or her own restoration. Health History worksheets also increase patient commitment by helping them prioritize their recovery. It also allows you to get an update at a glance.

These tools are so essential and fruitful that I can honestly say that if more doctors understood and implemented them, chiropractors using homeopathy would bring forth a whole new level of patient restoration.

Calling all chiropractors who would like to or are currently using homeopathy: In a spirit of commitment to bring forth optimal healing to your patients, please consider the value of implementing these kinds of case management materials. For more information about our own case management tools or questions you have about integrating homeopathy, contact us.

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