Using Homeopathy to Enhance a High Volume Practice Post 1

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An appropriate system is easy to integrate and effective in a high volume practice. Many successful chiropractors who use homeopathy see over 200 patients per day on a long term basis. Proper use of homeopathic formulas should actually increase patient volume. How is this possible? Isn’t homeopathic casetaking a time consuming process? Isn’t homeopathy just for small, alternative style practices? Maybe you have wondered these things.

While it is true that classical homeopathic procedures often require an hour and a half per patient, contemporary procedures have been developed for chiropractors that can be applied in just minutes per patient. You can achieve powerful results using homeopathy together with chiropractic and even increase your patient base at the same time.

During my last 12 years of practice I have used homeopathy and chiropractic together and had the joy of clearing diverse conditions such as anorexia and bulimia, breast cysts, infertility, menopause, feminine discharge, PMS, male disorders, bedwetting, colic, earaches, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, parasites, swollen tonsils, teething, digestive disorders, gout, arthritis, migraines, sinus and immune disorders, acne, asthma, bladder incontinence, colds and flu, fatigue syndromes, herpes, hypoglycemia, kidney and bladder complications, lung disorders, memory loss, motion sickness, chronic skin disorders, laryngitis, warts, obesity, anxiety, depression, and insomnia on a daily basis. The marriage of homeopathy and chiropractic has been very good to me, offering extreme emotional and financial success!

Using homeopathy broadens and deepens your scope of practice. Accordingly, you must be equipped to handle this enhanced scope. The key to managing a high volume homeopathic/chiropractic practice is employing the right kind of case management tools. Whether you have used homeopathy for years or you are considering using it for the first time, you need homeopathic case management tools in addition to homeopathic formulas.

Some doctors use homeopathy and chiropractic without tools designed for this. The result is often detailed notes in the margins, too heavy a reliance on memory, and serious amount wasted time sorting it all out. It’s next to impossible to keep a broad scoped practice flowing smoothly with mismatched paperwork for the job at hand. While every chiropractor is a unique and dynamic healer, there are some tools that don’t need to be reinvented, that have proven effective time and again.

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