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Well, you can see from my exercise chart that I wasn’t too active in the way you expect. I kept in mind that I ought to do something, and Tae Bo was the best choice for intense movement for the least time.

I really think cleaning and gardening should count as exercise! Just think of all the bending, reaching, carrying the vacuum around, up and down stairs, etc. Upper arms and shoulders get a workout washing windows. The heart rate may not be at 120 beats per minute, but the duration of the activity is several hours, with perspiration dripping.

I’ll have another type of challenge this coming week due to out-of-town guests staying most of the week. Again, walks and floor exercises won’t be convenient.

After making myself crazy about glucose counts, I discovered that I was using faulty test strips. I have actually attained part of one of my goals, a normal glucose/hemoglobin count without medication. The other part will be to maintain that.

Weight came off again, 2 more pounds and the key seems to be aiming at total calories between 1,300 and 1,700. Some days I can do with fewer calories, but then the next day I could bite someone’s arm (for sustenance) or head (for pure meanness). Since I’m basically a happy and peaceful person, I’ll go with the current range and be satisfied with a slow loss.

This coming week, in addition to little time for exercise, I’ll be cooking A LOT. I will probably offer many of my bizarre choices for breakfast. I’m soooo glad these people are good friends. But maybe this would still be a good time for a quick jaw wiring. Tune in next week for the outcome.


Sharon’s Reply

Hi Trish,

I was beginning to wonder about those blood sugars, so I am glad you discovered that the strips were faulty. You seem to be doing a better job rein in the carbohydrates to balance the available insulin in your body. Your blood sugars look great!

You do seem to have allowed a lot of time to pass between some meals, even skipping dinner at times. This might be the reason you feel so hungry, versus just eating less calories. It would help regulate your hunger, and your blood sugars, if you ate at around the same time every day, included protein in each meal, and didn’t skip meals.

All that cooking and company will be a challenge, but I know the diversion from your routine care giving will be nice. Enjoy your friends, pay attention to what and how much you are eating and try to pass on the desserts. Try eating more slowly so you can limit the calorie intake.

Have a fun time!


Armand’s Reply

You’re right in saying that you didn’t do your prescribed exercise program this week but you certainly weren’t inactive. At least you got in four Tae Bo sessions — you obviously enjoy the tape and that counts for a lot when it comes to exercise adherence.

And as for the heavy-duty housecleaning — that is a legitimate way to burn calories while simultaneously being productive. It is far superior to spending your day sitting.

The more you move throughout the day, the better off you’ll be. Still, you need to consider it supplemental to your regular exercise program. It’s not a substitute for a cardiovascular workout.

This week, I would really like to see you get in some brisk walking sessions, at least three preferably more. And don’t slough off the stretches and resistance exercise. To make strides, you need to do them on a regular basis; don’t lose the progress you’ve already made! Good luck

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