Trisha’s Journal: Week Six. Part 3

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Women are more likely to store fat because of their hormonal makeup. If you restrict calories too much, you will only teach those fat cells to store fat more efficiently. The trick is the reduce your calories somewhat, but never go on a starvation diet. It will only backfire. Then, trick your body into burning more calories by making physical demands on it. Exercise forces you body to go to the storage tanks and give up some fat for fuel. The strength training tells your muscles to stay put, so only fat is sacrificed. This is one reason why you see the inches disappear — you are deflating those fat cells!

So, keep up the good work, upside down or whatever. You are eating very healthy foods in reasonable quantities. It also appears that you are not craving sweets or doing much emotional eating.

Armand’s Reply

First of all, congratulations on the progress you’ve seen with the tape measure. When you lose inches, you are losing body fat — which means you are making positive changes in your body’s composition. Don’t be concerned, the weight will come off. Focus on the fact that losing fat is more important than losing weight.

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