Trisha’s Journal: Week Six. Part 2

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I’m hungry in the beginning of the day and early afternoon. That’s when I take on the calories, the proteins and the complex carbohydrates. But when I eat upside down like this, I’m not hungry at the traditional dinnertime. In the evening, small snacks of yogurt, a little cottage cheese or even salt-free pretzels are enough. I don’t go to bed feeling too full and my efforts seem successful and satisfying. I think ordering my day this way can keep me from dietary habits that undermine health.


Sharon’s Reply

Hi Trisha,
You reminded me of the adage: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” Farmers used to begin their day with a full chicken meal. It seems that once you have that satisfying meal, your stomach is happy the rest of the day. You are filling the gas tank before you go for the drive, not before you park the car in the garage. You can move around all day, work on the pushups, and burn off those calories.

Most Americans don’t have the time, or take the time, to cook a full meal in the morning, and most may say they are not interested in eating veggies for breakfast. But, the protein, fiber and carbohydrates, and the little fat, will stay with you and not cause a fast rise and fall in blood sugar, which triggers more nibbling later. I have worked with other clients who eat larger breakfasts, sit-down lunches, then head for the gym after work and finish the day with a bowl of cereal. They lose weight and feel great.

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