Trisha’s Journal: Week Six. Part 1

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Only the tape measure cheers me up this week. I’ve lost another inch around my hips, waist and chest.
Well, the exercise plan is just a bit too ambitious. Pushups from my knees to about 4 inches off the ground have proven very difficult to start. Just assuming the correct first position with locked elbows constituted a pushup for my first try. The second time around I attempted to bend my elbows slightly four times. The next day, I barely managed to bend my arms 10 times. So much for pushups.

The Tae Bo exercise tapes arrived: an instructional, a basic, an advanced, and an 8-minute workout. My very first lesson was that I am coordination challenged. I haven’t graduated from the instructional tape yet — the slower and more spaced instructional forms really are my limit.

Yes, my meals must seem upside down to you. I eat veggie stew with tuna or baked beans for breakfast and nearly nothing for supper. In the effort to control fat grams and not feel deprived, I have managed to get free of the traditional idea of what constitutes breakfast food. The usual breakfast foods can be a heart attack on a plate. So sometimes I have a small snack very early in the morning and eat a veggie meal with some kind of protein for breakfast later. Soup with whole grain bread and a little butter is warm, soothing and fills me up enough that a small fruit snack will carry me to the next meal.

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