The SELF Challenge 2010 Make Over Your Body

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When 94,364 SELF readers say this three-month plan works, you’ve got to listen

Congratulations! If you’ve already completed the SELF Challenge, you’re on your way to a brand new, healthier you. For four years, this super-proven, make-me-my-personal-best fitness kit has changed the bodies of 94,364 readers. Haven’t started yet? Check out the three-month program, and keep track of your progress with our challenge logs for month one, month two and month three.

Join the firm! The Challenge is for everyone, whether you’re a veteran exerciser or just looking for the tools to get started. This year’s program was designed by top experts from the world-renowned Golden Door spas and the Duke Diet & Fitness Center in Durham, North Carolina. Try the exercises on these pages or do your own favorites—either one counts.
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