The Best STD Treatment

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Most people know that AIDS can kill. Most people understand that the diseases mentioned in this special report can be sexually transmitted.

What you may not know is that undetected and untreated, they cause all sorts of other problems, as well.

Syphilis can cause death years after the infection by affecting the heart and nervous system. Gonorrhea can affect the liver joints and a woman’s ability to have a baby.

Veneral warts can increase the risk of cervical cancer. Chlamydia, which often goes undetected, can cause a number of problems that often go undiagnosed until they’re irreversible.

The best treatment? Prevention.

Always practice safe sex. That means limit sex to a known partner who has been tested for STDs, and use condoms and other protection.

If you do have unprotected sex, get a checkup soon afterwards to make sure that you haven’t been infected. Certainly get checked for any symptoms such as burning or discharge.

Almost all of these diseases are easily treatable when detected early. Undetected, they can ping-pong back and forth between partners and they may endanger the community as well as the individual.

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