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I was delighted to get my long-awaited Internet connection. Of course, my first visit was to the Homeopathic community. I was quick to realize the Homeopathy Mailing List was for me, and I had no doubt I would meet nice, helpful and knowledgeable people.

I was told to read the archives before asking stupid questions, so I did. I was then confronted with the task of making my way through a huge quantity of reading material. As a homeopath, I could clearly see an emerging visage in the “symptoms” the archives confronted me with, but I could not immediately discern the remedy. With my expertise in computers, and particularly in computerised repertory, I have continued to inventory the “symptoms” of this case, dating back to their first appearance.

Finally, through the painstaking and tedious task of inputting the data — the “symptoms” — and then grouping them into the “rubrics” below-listed, I discovered the “simillimum.” At least I do hope so.

The roots of the “disease” seem to be at a server in the U.K. where Jon and Brigitte Haworth are working. If we were allopaths, I would say they designed the “virus.” But it is not clear if they were alone, or if three or more contributors started it. As usual, the terrain is as responsible as the exciting cause. Susceptibility is always a factor. Thus, having now settled the question of “never well since,” allow me to move on and tell you more about the patient

I will not go into all the details, but the patient as a whole seems to be well-mannered with rare outbursts of mild discontentment. Can I attribute this to his origin somewhere in Cambridge? Actually, the patient is a well-balanced mixture of British, American and Canadian culture. But it would be unfair not to mention the cross-pollination from Australian, New Zealand, European, and many other sources as well. I have even discovered a South American influence somewhere; this is documented in Jon Haworth’s account of Homeopathy On The Net.

The patient currently weighs about 10 megabytes and still growing and expanding. The patient’s main complaint is Homeopathy. Of course, we may NOT prescribe on one symptom only. So I posed several questions. Since the answer was multiple and a bit confused, I divided it into several branches, or “rubrics.” First of all, I took the HISTORY of the patient and I inquired about his DIET. We then went on about the DISEASE he was told he had and the REMEDIES he took. When the patient told his allopathic physician he had read some BOOKS about homeopathy, learned the THEORY and discovered a new TECHNIC, the good Doctor referred him to some CRITICS, and warned him about “the homeopaths” since his CASE was serious. However, the patient didn’t go to the PHARMACY. He instead came to see me. I gave him a short COURSE about the difference between allopathy and homeopathy. Then, I opened my REPERTORY and, of course, you are wondering which remedy I came up with. This, however, will be disclosed at the end of my story.

I spent every day observing my patient. Daily new material was brought in; all I had to do was put it in the right directory. I was somehow reinforcing my conviction about the chosen remedy. In fact I was witnessing the birth of a tree in front of me. The trunk, the branches, and the leaves were and still are taking shape daily on the Dungeon list. Some branches eventually withered and died, but others have sprouted from the fertile soil of the Dungeon.

Having defined my repertories and subdirectories — my “rubrics” — as discussed above, I came to the conclusion the simillimum was probably of vegetal origin. I think, right now, the simillimum is Bonsai 30C, but this is only an acute remedy and I am afraid its chronic will have to be used soon or later: Baobab 1M.

If you find this case report interesting, you can find all the details in the archives of the Dungeon. Its trunk divides into branches as explained above, their leaves are the postings of the Homeopathy Mailing List’s subscribers. I am already retaking the case in greater detail and will post a complete review of the symptoms later in the year.

Thank you for your generous contributions to the Homeopathy Mailing List since its inception one year ago.

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