Distributor Training

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NSP sponsors many meetings and courses at which distributors can be trained.

Distributor School is a two-day program given at various locations throughout the United States and open to all distributors and managers. In 1988, NSP launched the program and announced:

Distributor School will be built around the new catalog, “A Systems Guide to Natural Health.” Students will learn [NSP’s] philosophy of natural health, plus they will be taken on a tour of the body, system by system. For each system they learn the basics of what that body does and what happens when it starts to break down. Attendees will come away actually knowing the key products to use for each of these systems. Thus they will have a working knowledge of which nutritional supplements to choose to feed the various systems of the body.

In addition, there will be a carefully constructed business and motivation session that will teach distributors how they can support their own good health habits by sharing their new-found knowledge with others.

NSP’s Distributor School kit provides specific guidelines for staying within the law and proposes “legal” ways to promote NSP supplements, such as discussing the “historical uses” of herbs and how herbs, “as foods,” contribute to health. According to the kit, NSP will pay up to $2,000 per calendar year to help defray the expenses of any lawsuit filed against active distributors or managers on grounds of prescribing or diagnosing.

Manager School was a five-day program given several times a year at the company’s home office. Its purpose was to train people to “really be Natural Health Counselors.” The program included “in-depth training in iridology, muscle-testing and nutritional supplements,” with “business and legal information … woven into the fabric of how to actually practice natural health consulting properly.” The program also included role-playing of counseling sessions. The course materials included iridology and muscle testing charts.

Managers were encouraged to hold regular meetings to explain the body systems and key products to new distributors. In late 1991, Manager School was converted into a two-day affair called Natural Health and Business School.

A Professionalism Symposium is offered following the company’s national convention each year. This meeting features speakers on health and business topics and workshops on muscle testing, advanced iridology, Chinese herbology and new NSP products.

Other educational opportunities are offered through area herb conferences, lectures at the national convention, conferences for leading distributors, and regional conferences for distributors who wish to focus on selling NSP’s water treatment systems.

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