Medical Detectives Tracking Anthrax Cases

2012-01-24 / Conditions and Diseases / Comments Off on Medical Detectives Tracking Anthrax CasesComments

Rare disease hits two at Florida newspaper; FBI enters investigation

One place of business, two men exposed to an extremely rare strain of anthrax. Do those numbers add up to terrorism? The world of medical science may only be able to provide part of the answer.

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A Warm Approach

2011-12-09 / Fitness / Comments Off on A Warm ApproachComments

“A Warm Coat gets you a hot deal”
There’s a lot of truth in the old adage, “To get a little, you gotta give.” And giving is just what the Women’s Fitness Center did during the last holiday season.

In exchange for membership discounts, the club asked potential members to donate coats that would be distributed to three local charities. The innovation was a fresh change from the more commonplace aerobathons and walkathons, according to owner Julia Wheatley. Read the rest of this entry »

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