Solving The Computer Maze. Part 1

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The hard facts about computers, software and the internet for health/fitness professionals aren’t as hard as they seem at first.

For health/fitness (HF) professionals to progress into the infinite world of benefits and favorable outcomes, they must have access to and be able to effectively utilize three key technological components: computers, software and the Internet. With the endless benefits these components provide, industry professionals would be shortsighted if they did not take advantage of the opportunities these high-tech tools have to offer.

Technology can aid professionals in club management, assist in the assessment and prescription of health/wellness components for members, and help in promotion and marketing activities and services. With just a point and click, these tools can be used to conduct focused research, network with other professionals in the industry and stay current on the latest scientific information presented at professional meetings and workshops. Whatever unique combination of benefits that may be derived from high-tech tools, one factor is certain: The health-fitness professional will be better prepared to serve clients by using them.

Before purchasing hardware or software, a basic knowledge and understanding about these tools is necessary. It is essential to keep in mind that without one component, the other element remains non-functional. In other words, both hardware and software must co-exist for high-performance outcomes, because without the fuel, the engine can’t produce.


Shopping for engineware (computer hardware) can be a nightmare. Given the rapid, ongoing development of computer hardware (hard drive, monitor, printer, memory, modem, CD-ROM, backup drive, etc.), consider hiring a computer consultant to assist with the purchase of engineware. A competent consultant can help by ensuring that you purchase products to fit your unique needs. They will oversee proper installation and training for all products purchased. See Table 1 for a general overview of the tasks a consultant can provide.

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