Romance at Walt Disney World

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KissingFor those who never thought WDW could be a romantic place, we’re here to say — not so! And our readers must agree because many have provided suggestions for WDW’s “most romantic spot.” So let’s see if there are any surprises.

In a place surrounded by others, especially families with children, is it still possible to find a “romantic” spot? You bet it is!

Not long ago we asked you, our readers, to give us your opinion on the “most romantic spot at WDW.” The answers were interesting and varied, so we wanted to share some of them with you. Here we go…

“The most romantic spot at WDW is in the Castle because it’s like a fairytale come true to be in the Castle while the rest of the most magical place on earth awaits your every move together hand in hand and it all starts from the Castle! I’ve heard of people getting engaged inside the Castle and it was so romantic to me!”
— Paula

“The most romantic spot at WDW is standing on our personalized Walk Around The World stone, kissing, with the Fireworks exploding behind us.”
— David

“Although this seems an easy choice, we think Cinderella’s Rose Garden wins by a long shot. The flowers, the location off the beaten path and the awesome view of the castle and nightly fireworks form the base for a romantic moment. And if you aren’t lucky enough to be in it for the fireworks, you may get to observe another couple getting engaged in the garden, Disney style!”
— Uncle Hambone

“My husband picked Victoria and Albert’s Restaurant and I have to concur. Between the dim lights, fresh flowers, soft music and delicious food, it truly was a wonderful experience.”
— Nora

“My pick for the most romantic place in WDW is the sunrise terrace (I do believe that is the name) at Wilderness Lodge. It’s a little known spot used for honeymooners. You sit and have a candle lit dinner at sunset, looking out over Bay Lake and the pool area. No one is around to interrupt you.”
— Pam

“For me the most romantic spot at WDW is on the boat from Port Orleans Riverside to Downtown Disney. This is where my fiance proposed so I am a little partial. However, this could be romantic for any couple. The boat has paired off seats and at night time it is dark and relaxing outside which gives the couple a nice chance to cuddle next to each other. I would definitely consider this short ride one of the most romantic areas in WDW.”
— Andrea

“Watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks from a quiet spot on the beach at the Polynesian.”
— Charlie

“Strolling around World Showcase, after dark, stopping to look at the lights reflecting off the lagoon.”
— Bobbi

“My favorite romantic spot is when you get off the boat at the Polynesian dock and it’s just the two of you on the dock and you can see the Magic Kingdom castle and the fireworks.”

— Wendy

“We feel that one of the most romantics spots is dining at dusk outside, on the Lagoon at Great Britain’s English Pub Restaurant. The lighting is always beautiful and the fireworks begin as soon as a dessert to share has come. Enjoy it together sometime!”
— Dave & Jan

“Maybe this isn’t everyone’s idea of romantic, but to us cuddling close in a doombuggy at the Haunted Mansion is romantic and fun!”
— Kiki

“Cinderella’s castle at dusk — just before the fireworks!”
— AKA1976

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