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Reiki is a method of spiritual healing and self-enlightenment. It is not truly massage therapy, because muscles aren’t manipulated.

The word Reiki is a universal life force energy describing the focus toward helping to heal the mind, body and spirit once it has become out of sync with itself.

A master teaches the entire idea of Reiki, and this Reiki Master, with proper hand placement, can give that “healing touch.” A Reiki Master is taught how to treat and the positive effects of health improvement of people who have experienced a treatment have the health industry more accepting.

There has been an increase of nursing personnel that have found this works well in
many Maternity, Heart and Cancer wards around the USA. Much like any type of medical or non-medical treatments you receive, your mind must be open and not negative as to the positive effects it will have on your body.
Keep an open mind

If you have doubts do not even attempt to contact anyone in regards to getting a treatment. In Reiki negativity brings negativity, positive thinking will bring about positive reactions. It will be of no benefit to you if your doubts are much stronger than your ability to help yourself.

Much like that of a person who goes to a hypnotist and does not believe it will work, it usually does not work because the person is fighting within themselves and have convinced themselves it will not work. It is the same principality.

Treatment can last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes

You will lay clothed on a table. Relaxing your entire body, reaching a meditative state.

Placement of hands in a specific manner gently and passively on different locations of the body, usually beginning at the head and neck

Each hand position is held for five minutes

Some people think they will be receiving a type of massage. Massages require manipulation of tissue and muscles; Reiki does not require any form of manipulation of tissue or muscles.

You may experience a sense of warmth or a tingling as the Reiki places their hands on you

As the mind calms, natural things start to happen, respirations slow and heart rate slows and blood pressure drops to a normal or slightly below normal level, but very safe

Muscles begin to relax, as the meditative state begins and you feel an inner peace

You also start to feel an overall sense of well-being. You notice maybe an ache you had when you entered is now gone, the headache you had focused on no longer exists.

One session of Reiki treatment has been likened to that of four hours of deep relaxing sleep

Refreshing the mind, body and spirit (self trinity).

Reiki relieves stress and tension naturally, simply and safely

Helping the body to health itself. There is no use of medications or any other artificial means, unlike traditional western medicine. You must choose your practitioner well, not everyone is a Reiki Practitioner

Ask for credentials, and seek out known professionals. A magazine called “New Age” will list practitioners near your area.

Your ultimate goal is achieving overall well being, bringing your body, mind and spirit together as on entity and considering them the whole body. They are not three separate entities; bringing them together working together for harmony of the “self.” The end result is positive “personal power and enlightenment.”

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