Missing Ingredients

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The fitness industry still yearns for healthcare companies (HMOs) to provide real support for club memberships, rather than the deep-discounted membership relationship they they currently market to their subscriber base. Few corporations really step up with meaningful subsidies for their employees.

Likewise, few insurance companies are offering health club/exercise benefits. We are certainly not at the point of benefiting from discounts for regular exercise (like smoking vs. nonsmoking rates).

Few clubs have definitive relationships with assisted living centers and retirement communities.

The home fitness connection is still a challenge, as technology has not yet bridged the gap to help individuals “keep score,” whether they exercise at home or at the club.

Finally, few facilities have figured out how to attract the family as a unit, so parents and children can really participate in simultaneous activities at a club or — better yet — participate in joint activities together. This is even a failing of the YMCA.

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