Leigh’s Journal: Week 1. Part 2

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Sharon’s Reply

Hi Leigh,

Your daily food diary was interesting reading. You’re a busy mother with a job dealing with modern-day life. You were very sad and tired this week, and I appreciate that you kept food records at all. You certainly use food for comfort and the more you need comfort, the more you eat. If you can at least hesitate enough to ask yourself–“Am I hungry?” — you may avoid some unnecessary calories.

Your hunger level when you started meals was a 2, which is too low. You should not be quite that hungry, because then you are tempted to overeat eat. Maybe there is too much time between eating episodes. Adding more fiber, such as veggies and fruit to a meal, can slow digestion. Also, have lean protein at lunch to get you through the afternoon. You could make a sandwich and eat half at noon and the other half at 3. When you get your fat gram counter, don’t try to go extra low on fat. Fat, used carefully, can help you feel satisfied. Just dropping one pat of butter saved you 45 calories and 5 grams of fat, which will add up.

When you are tired and distraught, it is difficult to make changes. I liked the salad dressing trick at the salad bar. However, the McFish is fried, so a grilled chicken sandwich would have been better. Also, the Chinese fried rice and sesame chicken were higher-fat choices — and then you ate more the next day! I will send you an article on eating out with healthy suggestions.


Armand’s Reply


Even though you are disappointed in the amount of exercise you did, what you accomplished was certainly better than nothing! Look at the upcoming week as your chance to make progress.

As far as the rowing machine in your gym, I think that would be good for variety. Just make sure you follow proper technique. Ask an instructor to show you how to do that.

Regarding your question about reps vs. weight in toning your arms, what you want to do is choose the amount of weight that challenges you to get between 10 and 15 reps with each exercise. It should never be easy to do 15 reps, yet you shouldn’t be struggling to barely get eight. In order to tone, firm and strengthen your muscles, you must challenge them appropriately. The amount of weight will vary for each exercise, so just concentrate on generally working hard with each movement.

With your sore ankle, be sure to do low impact (non-weight bearing exercise) such as the stationary cycle or the rowing machine until it gets better. Good luck!


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