Leigh’s Journal: Week 1. Part 1

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Well, this week contained surprises and emotional upheavals.

I did not have time for diet or exercise, but I haven’t taken care of those areas of my life for years. I allow circumstances to override logic and choose convenience of the moment over self-care.

I had some minor successes:

I exercised on the treadmill for 33 minutes on Wednesday morning.
I exercised on the treadmill for 34 minutes on Friday and did the chest press and lat pull machines.
I avoided sugar-based drinks during the week.
I had a salad-bar salad one day for lunch.
I cut back from two pats of butter to one pat on rolls.
I had my standard habitual failures:

I failed to prep my own food for work too often.
I failed to make sure there were vegetables in the house.
I failed to insist on making time for exercise
I bought chocolate. However, I really enjoyed it.
I failed to structure my eating times. This caused me to eat when I was way too hungry.
Next week is always new and there is definitely room for improvement. The few good choices I did make were entirely due to knowing I would have to report in. So for me, the program is already a huge success. A few good choices are definitely an improvement over no good choices.

I will start work on an exercise journal this week. And I promise to get in three exercise sessions. My ankles are protesting from last week. I took the stairs on Monday morning and managed to shift my weight strangely and slightly stress my left ankle.

A rowing machine was added to the gym. I may give it a try this week. I have a question about reps vs. weight. To achieve the quickest result in thinning my upper arms, do I want to concentrate on adding weight or reps?

I still don’t have a fat guide and am still not tracking fat. I promise to get a guide this week. I also promise to do a better job on my journals and to eat more veggies.


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