Juice for Osteoporosis

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Q.I am a 58-year-old woman and have recently been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis in my left hip, although I do not have any pain. Yes, I am a smoker. I hate milk, and I have very bad dietary habits. I love chocolate, and I would die for my sweets. So to compensate, I recently purchased a juicer and have been forcing myself to drink carrot and apple juice. Is this really beneficial, or is it a complete waste of time? I get confused from all the hype out there.

A. Juice is great. It supplies enzymes and phytonutrients and all sorts of great vitamins … but not much calcium, unless you’re juicing kale like crazy.

If you’ve got osteoporosis, don’t fool around — get some big-time heavy- duty supplements in you, and fast. Look in a health food store for calcium combined with magnesium (you need that too, you know). And also pick up a jar of Mexican yam creme — there are all sorts of brands, but look closely at the label, and make sure you see progesterone in the ingredients. Researchers have discovered that you need natural progesterone to help the calcium stay in the bone. Discover Kefir — a good dairy drink with natural flavors.

Work that skeleton every day with 30 minutes of exercise. You also need a good strength-training program — at least two to three days a week of lifting weights or working out on resistance equipment.

There’s no reason to lose any more bone density. Take your supplements. Do your exercise. If you can, quit smoking, or at least cut down. And think good, strong, positive, powerful thoughts.

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