Jim’s Introduction

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I want to be in the program because I am stuck. Over the last year I have gone from 290 pounds to 185 pounds and really want to get down to 160 pounds. I look and feel much better but these last 25 pounds just will not go away no matter how hard I work. I also have a lot of excess skin from when I was heavy.

My ultimate goal is to lose that weight and get my stomach toned so that I can work on a six-pack and actually have someone be able to see it!

I am very motivated and extremely disciplined. I will have no trouble filling in the required forms and keeping the required logs. I also feel my example can assist other people as I have been heavy my entire life and know how frustrating and debilitating it can be. The changes I have already made have improved my life dramatically and I am confident I can get the rest of the way there.

I can sure use the advice as to what I am doing wrong!

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