Jen’s Journal, Week 3. Part 3

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Armand’s Reply

I would say you had a very good week of exercise! The frequency and variety are just what I want to see. As far as your decreased desire to exercise at the end of the week, I would suggest meeting a friend at the gym at those times. You will be more inclined to show up if you know someone is waiting for you. At my health clubs I find attendance drops off toward the end of the week, often because it’s closer to the weekend and people are going out to social events rather than to the club.

With your weight training, if you could get in three workouts, you will see significantly better results. Of course, always make sure you use proper form with all of the exercises. Also, don’t be afraid to increase the resistance when you can perform 15 reps comfortably.

I agree that it’s nice to be able to walk to the store, as it provides an easy way to get extra physical activity. More people should take a look at their lifestyles to see where they can fit in activity like that.

Keep up the great work, Jen. With consistency and determination, you can reach your goals. Be patient and persistent.


Next Journal Entry

Hi Jen,

Don’t fret — it takes a little time for improved food choices to filter on down to weight loss. You have been eating better this week. Meals are better than grazing, but you still have a fair amount of nonfat calories as snacks — licorice, Good and Plenty, caloric drinks, jelly beans. Are you having trouble moving away from sweets? At least these foods are lower in fat, but they still keep you from losing weight. You do eat a good amount of fruit. Perhaps eating regular meals will help you feel more satisfied and the need to nibble will eventually decrease.

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