Jen’s Journal, Week 3. Part 2

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Sharon’s Reply

Hi Jen,

Don’t fret — it takes a little time for improved food choices to filter on down to weight loss. You have been eating better this week. Meals are better than grazing, but you still have a fair amount of nonfat calories as snacks — licorice, Good and Plenty, caloric drinks, jelly beans. Are you having trouble moving away from sweets? At least these foods are lower in fat, but they still keep you from losing weight. You do eat a good amount of fruit. Perhaps eating regular meals will help you feel more satisfied and the need to nibble will eventually decrease.

Your assessment of fat grams seems a little low — be sure to count a teaspoon of olive oil as 4 grams of fat, and every ounce of cheese as 8 grams of fat.

The tuna sushi was a good choice for lunch, but I hope you did not get the dressing on the chicken Caesar salad — the fat in Caesar dressing is particularly high.

It also takes a little while for the exercise to pay off, so hang in there. You have made some great progress, and you do know that you will see the benefits later.

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