Jen’s Journal, Week 3. Part 1

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This week went fairly well, though I’m still unfortunately in the 149 to 149.5-pound range. I did a better job eating full dinners and even a few actual lunches instead of my usual array of snacks.

I’m also more or less satisfied with the amount of exercise I got this week, including two strength-training sessions, up from last week’s single session. It’s hard to believe that I used to lift weights three times a week for years, and now I find it tough to get to the gym. But this week I had a decent mix of strength training, hiking, walking and cardio workouts (Stairmaster and elliptical trainer) at the gym.

I did have a few more snacks this week than usual, but they were healthier snacks, such as fat-free licorice and beef jerky instead of frozen yogurt.

I need help getting to the gym, or exercising in general, toward the end of the week because I’m more tired and just want to lie on the couch when I get home at night. However, we live walking distance from our grocery store so we almost always walk there. It takes about 30 minutes round-trip.

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