Individual Treatment. Advantages and Disadvantages

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Individualized treatment
Sole focus of therapy
One-one relationship can enhance change
Flexibility in scheduling

One counselor
Lack of support from others with similar problems
Individuals may feel alone in their struggle
Higher cost
More Intense
Lack of motivation from others


One benefit of individual weight loss treatment is individualized treatment planning. This includes selecting the order of topics to be covered according to the individual’s personal needs instead of following a standardized treatment model. Topics can be covered to cater to a person’s needs. Individualized treatment contracts can be developed that target the person’s individual problem areas. Goals and session topics can be changed as needed at each session, based on the individual’s progress.

Within this treatment environment, other psychological issues that may be present (e.g., depression, anxiety, marital problems) are more easily addressed. Such issues can be addressed in sessions if the counselor is a mental-health professional. For other health professionals, we recommend developing a referral network with other professionals who can provide specialized services to clients/patients.

Another benefit of individualized treatment is that some clients/patients in an individual setting may feel more accountable for their behaviors because they are the sole focus of therapy. In the context of a good one-on-one therapeutic alliance, the relationship between the individual and the therapist/counselor can be a powerful tool for affecting change.

A practical benefit of individualized treatment is the flexibility in scheduling appointments. Schedule changes are more easily accomplished for an individual than for a group. Session length can also vary as needed.

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