How Yeast Attacks Your Immune System

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Many scientists and doctors have been telling us for years, to control the amount of intake of certain types of foods. Those of us who don’t heed the warnings have probably, over the years, shown traces of wear and tear on our bodies. Here are the many advantages and disadvantages of not following the Dr.’s orders.

People often complain of feeling foggy or disconnected. They have lost their alertness, and so many times become forgetful, later perhaps leading to Alzheimer’s Disease. Or maybe it hasn’t reached these stages, but you have lost your productivity and creativity. This leads to an overall loss of living performance. This stage of disease is in the stage of “Mental Cognitive.”

How about when you feel tired all the time? This lack of energy exhibits itself sometimes for periods of months or even years. Can you sleep for eight or more hours and still feel the need for more? This is the “Energy” stage of the disease.

Who doesn’t lose their temper on occasion, or feel down in the dumps? Has this escalated to total irritability, outbursts of anger or depression? This is the “Emotional”” stage of the disease.

The final stage of the disease is called the “Somatic”” stage. Victims have headaches, ranging from mild to severe migraine pain. They will also experience gastrointestinal malfunctions, such as diarrhea, bloating, indigestion and discomfort after eating.

This disease is called Candidiasis and is caused by the fungus Candida Albicans, or easily remembered as Yeast Disease. It is treatable, and even reversible.

However, it is a strict treatment with four separate modes.

Here’s information on how you can begin to feel better. Over indulgence in refined carbohydrates, present the body with an overdose of “sugar” one of the factors, producing gastrointestinal symptoms.

Decrease levels of toxic materials, such as carbon monoxide, insecticides, cleaning agents and other pollutants. Stay away from antibiotic drugs, which further destroy your own immune system.

Some of the various diseases found to be related to or directly caused by this disease are, all Herpes virus groups, Epstein-Barr (EBV), AIDS, Mononucleosis, just to name a few.

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