High Tech vs High Touch

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Cardiovascular-function technology should be carefully considered by health clubs. It is an investment, both as a member service and as a possible profit center. Offering this type of testing service may help you to attract new members and retain existing members. And, as members become more astute about high-technology equipment, they are more likely to be impressed with a club that offers this service.

While some club professionals might be concerned that using high-tech equipment in a club setting might eliminate the human interaction with staff, it should be noted that equipment not supported by “high touch” interaction with staff is usually unsuccessful with members. Members want interaction, support, encouragement and compliments. They also want accurate, usable information. High tech does not have to be exclusive of high touch.

High-tech equipment should provide reports that are easily understood by members, and should also provide information that is meaningful and comparative. This must be followed with an understandable explanation by staff members that responds to what members want to know.

If this information and an explanation are not available, high-tech devices might gain initial interest from a member because they are new, but that interest will be short-lived.

High-tech asset

Clubs of the 21st century will increasingly include high-tech equipment that allows and enhances high-tech support from trained staff. Additionally, compact, user-friendly equipment that provides accurate information will be an asset to clubs. Technology that relates to member performance and progression will be paramount to a club’s success. Health club owners and managers should embrace technology that will help them to meet their members’ needs.

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