Help The Body Help Itself The Bifidus Factor, Post 3

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The Wellness Mall: How are the products packaged?
DiFolco: The powder is preserved in a foil pouch inside the box. A nitrogenflush process removes the oxygen and stablizes the powder so it will not spoil. This process enables a two-year shelf life before opening. After opening we recommend refrigeration.

It comes with a measuring spoon to gauge the recommended dosage. The powder is mixed with warm water, not hot, which would kill the activity of the culture. It mixes smoothly and readily and has a delicious creamy taste.

The Wellness Mall: What is the potency?
DiFolco: It provides 30,000,000 of the Bifidus bacteria in each 1 oz. portion, which is basically a daily serving. If you take one serving a day, the box would provide a 14 to 28 day supply. Children would take half that portion.

The Wellness Mall: Can you tell us more about these bacteria?
While bacteria reside throughout the body, such as the inside of the mouth and on the skin, its concentration is in the intestinal tract.

Bifidus works gently and effectively helps the body help itself. It helps establish a slightly acidic pH which promotes the growth and establishment of healthy bacteria in the intestines. Bifidus organisms, when properly fed, produce several B-complex organisms as a by-product of their metabolism.

Food sources of bacteria help maintain balance of bacteria in the body. While cultures can be grown on a number of mediums, such as sauerkraut, there are three types of cultured milk products that we are most familiar with: Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and Lactobacillus Acidophilus which are both found in yogurt.

Lactobacillus Bifidus is the predominant bacteria found in healthy individuals and is found in mother’s milk in higher concentrations than other types of bacteria. All these cultures are found in the body, while the Bifidus is the most prevalent.

The Wellness Mall: Can you tell us anything else about Eugalan Forte and Lactopriv/B? DiFolco: Eugelan and Lactopriv/B are also used extensively at the American Biologics Medical Center and Hospital in Mexico.

For more information, Betty and Si Kamen have written about Eugalan in the book, “In Pursuit of Youth,” as have a number of others.

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