Help The Body Help Itself The Bifidus Factor, Post 1

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It is common knowledge that the health intestinal tract digests foods, assimilates nutrients and eliminates waste in its normal daily function. It is also widely known that the intestines are supported in their work by billions of “friendly” bacteria. It is essential that a health intestinal environment be maintained to insure good health.

The type of bacteria most needed for colon health is generally categorized as lactobacilli. It is available in products such as yogurt, buttermilk and other cultured foods. Unfortunately, these foods do not always insure the replacement of proper colon flora because many times the bacteria may no longer be viable.

Previously, in the United States, the most commonly used food supplement form of Lactobacillus preparation was Acidophilus. However, since Paul Gyorgy, M.D., the discoverer of Vitamin B-6 also discovered the bifidus strain of Lactobacillus and described it as the “main component of the normal intestinal flora of health many,” it is now recognized as more important to the maintenance of colon health.

In Germany, the Topfer company, manufacturers of Eugalan Forte and Lactopriv/B, have pioneered in the science of Probiotics and the development of Lactobacillus Bifidus products for consumers which are respected as the world’s finest.

The Wellness Mall recently spoke with Stephen DiFolco of Bio-Nutritional Products, the exclusive US importers of Eugalan Forte and Lactopriv/B.

The Wellness Mall: Can you tell us about Eugalan Forte and Lactopriv/B?
DiFolco: EUGALAN FORTE is a fresh, fully potent, natural Lactobacillus Bifidus preparation in a special food base that enhances the proliferation in the body and is a reliable source of these organisms for the human intestinal tract.

Lactopriv/B is a vegetarian Bifidus preparation, providing the same important health benefits as Eugalan Forte, but in a Lactose-Free complex carbohydrate base of soy and rice powders.

Topfer Eugalan Forte and Lactopriv/B have an outstanding reputation in Germany and throughout Europe. They have both been clinically tested and reported on in the American Journal of Proctology, German Medical Journal and Netherlands Medical Journal, Institute of Nutrition, Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR.

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