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I knew there was a problem when I couldn’t get my doctor to call me back. After leaving six messages, I went to the ER and explained that I had not felt the baby move once in 24 hours.

The Dr just felt my abdomen and checked me over, but never once listened for the baby or checked her heart rate. He said that everything was fine – that the baby was just resting as usual at this stage. I expressed my desire for him to double check. He didn’t.

My doctor got back to me 16 hours later and told me to go back the hospital and she would meet me there. She checked for a heart beat and couldn’t get one. She did an ultrasound. and what I feared had now become real. My sweet little girl was no longer with us.

Her umbilical cord had been wrapped around her cutting of her air supply. We found this out to late for you my dear, because a doctor thought he knew best…..

To all you expecting moms out there – get to know your baby’s movements and chart them.

Good Bye Faith Mommy and Daddy will always hold you close.

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