Exercise and Diabetes Post 2

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Weight loss was not really impressive, but, importantly, it was accompanied by waist-to-hip circumference ratio increase indication that body fat distribution became less harmful.

The researchers concluded:

“This study shows that increasing physical activity is safe and does not result in more hypoglycemic episodes and that there is a linear dose-response between increased physical activity and loss of abdominal fat and a decrease in blood pressure and lipid-related cardiovascular risk factors, with a preferential increase in the HDL.” — Diabetes Care.

In another clinical study, data showed the positive influence of weight reduction induced by exercise and diet on insulin resistance and lipoprotein metabolism in obese diabetic patients, particularly showing improvements of the “bad” cholesterol with a decrease of small, dense LDL particles. This is of particular importance, as these particles have been shown to be associated with coronary artery disease. — Metabolism: Clinical & Experimental.

Exercise training

The exercise program should consist of moderate intensity aerobic exercise. Resistance training and high intensity exercises should only be performed by individuals without proliferative retinopathy or hypertension. — Sports Medicine.

Many of the systemic and cellular adaptations that are responsible for an improved insulin condition only occur in the muscles directly involved in the training program. Therefore, exercise training programs that require the use of large muscle groups, such as swimming, power walking and strength training, may be the most advantageous for the prevention and treatment of insulin resistance. — Exercise & Sport Sciences Reviews.

Walking one hour a day five days a week for 12 weeks resulted in improved fitness level (as measured by VO2max) in diabetic postmenopausal women. BMI and fat content of the upper body decreased and waist-to-hip ratio increased. It is interesting to note that the same exercise schedule failed to elicit any changes in body fat and shape in non-diabetic non-obese women though their blood cholesterol readings also improved. — Diabetes Care.

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