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Enercise Inc., which debuted in March at the IHRSA trade show in Phoenix, Ariz., may seem like the new kid on the block, but the company benefits from having one of the industry’s leading veterans at the helm. CEOTony Garcia, who helped launch Broadcast Vision, explains that the company’s focus is, “to provide the most innovative and most durable products” possible in wireless entertainment systems. Garcia says hebelieves in the power of entertainment now more than ever, and that, moreover, “you cannot open a club today without entertainment.”

While Enercise offers a similar range of products as other companies, from the basic wireless FM transmitter and receiver to the personal viewing screen, the company has two new innovations. Before any products were manufactured, the company solicited opinions from club owners and members. The feedback Enercise received led to the development of two new technologies.

The first of these is the Enercise xTV wireless broadcast system, with a patent-pending Quick-Change headphone jack on the receiver. Should the jack malfunction, the new design allows anyone on the club’s staff to replace it in under 60 seconds, without removing the entire unit. Since the jack is a completely separate piece, no internal electronics are affected by replacing it. The jack is intended to be user-friendly and robust. Garcia explains that this product does not touch any electrical wires at all. This is achieved by using the same technology as a cellphone battery — tiny pins make the connection.

The second innovation from Enercise is the Ultra Seal Power Connector, designed for the power source connection area. This provides a custom, water-tightmoisture barrier to protect the productfrom cleaning fluids and perspiration, preventing rust, corrosion and equipment failure.

Enercise also offers individual entertainment delivered via a personal viewing screen –Enercise iTV. This system features an optional CD/DVD player.

Another feature that was requested by the users Enercise interviewedis an EQ/tone control, whichlets people adjust the sound to their own preference.

The iTV system also comes equipped with the Quick-Change headphone jack and the Ultra Seal Power Connector.

Enercise pricing. The basic wireless FM system costs from $349 to $399. The xTV transmitters sell for $399 and the receivers are $139 each. The iTV personal viewing screen system costs $1,200 each and the optional CD/DVD player is $399.

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