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I have some really bad eatting habbits, since i have become a thirty something- it seems that overnight i have put on some 20 or so pounds! i have never had a healthy relationship with food, bulimia, being in my past. i still see food in a love hate relationship, to much of it or not enough. the scale is like a roller coaster… up and down? it has really effected my health. i have three children too, i do not wish for them to pick up my awful habbits. it is not all about weight, but more about healthy attitude toward food. it does not have to be an all or nothing thing. any tips on improving my bad habbits would be welcomed?

Thanks for coming forth with your personal concerns…that was a huge step in healing yourself. As you know, there really is no quick fix for what you have been going through for years. Quite honestly, the best treatment for an eating disorder combines medical, phychological and nutrition counseling. However, you are in a good place to make longterm changes to your lifestyle. The rollercoaster you mentioned is what we call the “yo-yo” problem of weight cycling. It often comes from fad and quick-fix diets and risky weight loss techniques, which you probably know already. Like you said, you need to establish a healthy relationship with food, which for reasons only you know, has been an enemy to you. Finding happiness in yourself and working on building self-esteem is a good place to start. Often women (and men) use food as a form of punishment for the things that are wrong or uncontrollable in one’s life. Right now you have three beautiful children who look up to you and need you; they can serve as your daily motivator to heal yourself.
Foodwise, the best approach to acheiving and maintaining a healthy weight, as exhibited throughout this site, is through balanced diet and exercise. With a constant flow of energy into your system and regular exercise, you can establish a healthy rythm in your body – calories in, calories out; think of food as an essential fuel. Your body needs fuel on a daily basis, and you must find a balance bwtween overload and running on fumes. Most importantly you will want to get to a place where you are comfortable eating regularly, without starvation, bingeing or purging. Ultimately these unhealthy habits you are familiar with can increase your risk for serious health problems such as heart disease and some forms of cancer.
If you have the time, you may consider taking a college level course in basic nutrition. Not only will you learn about food but also about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through balanced diet and physical activity, and establishing healthy habits.
Also, you may want to consider enlisting the help of a Registered Dietitian who specializes in eating disorders; someone you feel comfortable with who can work closely with you to help you overcome these hurdles. For a Dietitian near you visit the American Dietetic Association at and go to the “Find a Dietitian” prompt on the left-hand side of the screen. Type in your zip code to receive a listing of RDs near you with their areas of specialty listed at the bottom of each page.
Additionally, the help and encouragement of friends and family members is important as well.
With these tips in mind, I hope you can learn a great deal about nutrition and health from our site. You may want to try one of the online meal plans to help you establish regular eating patterns – all the diets are calculated to what should be an appropriate level for your goals, and are balanced meal plans. It may help to think of it not as a “diet” but a healthy nutrition plan. You can also visit the virtual trainer portion of the website (under workouts) to get yourself on a regular exercise schedule. Regularity and consistency are the key to keep from falling back into the yo-yo cycle.
Although lengthy, I hope I have given you a starting place and some ideas to consider.
I wish you well!!! If you have further questions you may email me directly at, or chat with me on the live chat M-F 9-5 PST.

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