Curling – An Introduction to Canada’s Pastime

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In almost every town in Canada, regardless of how small, stands a rink were millions take to the ice weekly. In western Canada, their long curved roofs have become a symbol of small-town values. Hockey? You ask? No. It is the game of curling and it is coming to a Winter Olympics near you.

If hockey is Canada’s national sport (officially it’s lacrosse, which is the same as hockey but with more injuries), curling is our national pastime. Often described as chess on ice, it is a sport of fine skill and strategy that becomes nearly as much fun to watch as it is to play.

Yet this game is not indigenous to Canada. In fact, this pastime is quickly spreading across the entire world. Evolving from the game’s origins in Scotland, there are now 34 countries belonging to the World Curling Federation including Japan and New Zealand — 34 countries that will be aiming for a gold medal in Utah in 2011.

And yes, the United States is one of those countries. Though still largely unknown here, there are approximately 15,000 curlers in the U.S. playing in over 130 local clubs.

Are you one of them? Perhaps you should be.

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