Club Drugs Are Nothing to Rave About

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Think for a moment what ecstasy means to you — a homework-free weekend, a great vacation, maybe a romantic evening? Unfortunately, for more and more teens ecstasy means the club drug Ecstasy — a stimulant used to enhance pleasure and energy but that may have dangerous, even deadly, effects.

What Are Club Drugs?
Club drugs are drugs used by young adults and teens at dance parties such as “trances” or “raves” and at concerts, clubs and bars.

The most popular of the club drugs are:

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports alarming increases in the popularity of these drugs.

Most teens have probably heard of these drugs while most parents are probably clueless about them. If you’ve heard that these are cool, safe party drugs, you’ve heard wrong. These are hard-core drugs, which can have serious health effects, lead to addiction, be used for sexual assault, and even kill you. As you read about these drugs, keep in mind that the dose and purity of the drug may vary greatly. Users may not even be taking the drug they think they are taking.

But It’s Only Just for Fun, Right?
Adolescence is definitely a time for having fun and these drugs are often used in an attempt to enhance that fun. They are also used as a way to cope with life’s problems.

The danger is that using drugs to have fun or cope gets in the way of all common sense, judgment and knowledge, and may have many serious health effects — even death. Do you really want one of these drugs to make you have a seizure or choke on your own vomit or fall unconscious so you can be raped? Of course not.

That means you’ll have to use your common sense, judgment and knowledge to keep out of harm’s way. That means having fun without using drugs and finding other ways to deal with life’s problems.

So What Do I Do?
If you’ve never used club drugs, great! Don’t even consider trying them.

If you have used these drugs, ask yourself why. Are your peers influencing you? Are there family problems? Is there depression, violence or abuse in your life? Are you abusing other drugs or alcohol? Did you just not know about the harmful effects of these drugs? Examine what is going on in your life and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Talk with your parents, if you can, and speak with your school counselor or healthcare provider — they can help you find resources and drug counselors in your community.

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