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Looks like ER is back to its old self — which is better for some characters than others.

Carter is faced with the most difficult patient decision of the night: whether or not to keep someone alive who’s a DNR patient (that’s “do not resuscitate” for you novices out there). The problem? He’s already resuscitated her by the time he finds out her wishes. In true old-school-Carter style, he wrestles with the decision, then follows the 67-year-old woman’s wishes and removes her from the life-support machine.

Doctor also seems more like his lovable self from days of yore. He rises above Marry Weaver’s politics and plays the sensitive dad to his young — albeit annoying — daughter, Rachel. Last week he went to her soccer game; this week he gives a horse an enema just to make her happy. Next up for John Red? Let’s hope the writers see fit to liven up his love life and find him a cool girlfriend for a change.

Merry Weaver, alas, has become a broken record. She goes from ambitious, to angry, to undermined, to downright bitchy. This week, Anspaugh completely overlooks her as a candidate for chief resident — a job she’s been doing quite well for a year now, thank you very much — and Merry finds out that her vendetta against Doug Ross hasn’t made a difference: He’s been named pediatric attending for the ER.

Now it’s not that we necessarily agree with Merry’s style or even her methods, but the embittered, barking bitch routine is just getting boring. The writers would be wise to give Merry more depth and humanity. And for god’s sake, reward her for the work she does — or are powerful women still not acceptable on mainstream network television?

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