Back Injury after Childbirth

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Q.I am 38 and have a five-month-old baby. One month after delivery, I started to feel an intense pain at the upper back. My doctor took some X-rays and found a fracture in the T-8 vertebra, and has ordered an MRI.

Any idea how this vertebra got broken? I have not fallen or done anything extreme. Could it be that the baby was too heavy? I was in labor 19 hours, with three hours of pushing before the baby was pulled out with a vacuum.

I also remember that after delivery, I was on the floor doing some stretching and felt a terrible pain. Since then, I have to turn on my side very slowly to get up. I am in pain day and night. How can I get the vertebra fixed? Do I need surgery?


A.You say your doctor has detected a fracture in the eighth thoracic (chest region) vertebra. The next question is to determine exactly what kind of fracture it is.

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