A Warm Approach

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“A Warm Coat gets you a hot deal”
There’s a lot of truth in the old adage, “To get a little, you gotta give.” And giving is just what the Women’s Fitness Center did during the last holiday season.

In exchange for membership discounts, the club asked potential members to donate coats that would be distributed to three local charities. The innovation was a fresh change from the more commonplace aerobathons and walkathons, according to owner Julia Wheatley.

Women’s Fitness Center advertised itself as a central collection site for new or used coats of any size. If a donor was interested in joining the club, she received a special discount on the club’s enrollment fee. The coats as donation items had universal appeal, and becoming a member was optional, so no one felt pressured, Wheatley said.

This incentive was offered with three goals in mind. First, the club wanted to boost sales during a typically slow season. Second, the club was able to build its newly established electronic funds transfer billing system. And third, the club wanted to increase community awareness of its participation in community charity programs.

In addition to receiving financial discounts, donors also received personalized coat-shaped ornaments that hung on the club tree in recognition of their donations.

The program resulted in 153 coat donations, 38 new members, an EFT increase of more than $1,100 and much publicity. The club utilized a money-mailer coupon, advertised in local media and sponsored a float in the community Christmas parade, resulting in a front-page newspaper photograph.

And since the campaign, the club has continued its community-minded efforts with a “sign your organ donor card” promotion, as well as a blood drive. It certainly does pay to give!

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