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Enercise Inc., which debuted in March at the IHRSA trade show in Phoenix, Ariz., may seem like the new kid on the block, but the company benefits from having one of the industry’s leading veterans at the helm. CEOTony Garcia, who helped launch Broadcast Vision, explains that the company’s focus is, “to provide the most innovative and most durable products” possible in wireless entertainment systems. Garcia says hebelieves in the power of entertainment now more than ever, and that, moreover, “you cannot open a club today without entertainment.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Medical Detectives Tracking Anthrax Cases

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Rare disease hits two at Florida newspaper; FBI enters investigation

One place of business, two men exposed to an extremely rare strain of anthrax. Do those numbers add up to terrorism? The world of medical science may only be able to provide part of the answer.

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Missing Ingredients

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The fitness industry still yearns for healthcare companies (HMOs) to provide real support for club memberships, rather than the deep-discounted membership relationship they they currently market to their subscriber base. Few corporations really step up with meaningful subsidies for their employees. Read the rest of this entry »

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High Tech vs High Touch

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Cardiovascular-function technology should be carefully considered by health clubs. It is an investment, both as a member service and as a possible profit center. Offering this type of testing service may help you to attract new members and retain existing members. And, as members become more astute about high-technology equipment, they are more likely to be impressed with a club that offers this service. Read the rest of this entry »

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Web climbs the Tower of Babel

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Like many English Canadians, I took French lessons for more than 10 years in school. Sadly, I can barely speak or write a word of the language.

In the new reality of the Internet, being unilingual can be frustrating. Certainly the Internet is global and English predominates, just as it does in the business world. But in this global village, you must learn to deal with multiple languages.

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Bitter Robb Whines and Complains

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After Team Skateboard got back to their camp, Robb admitted that he was very bitter about the loss. His team looked rather down and frustrated as we heard him complain, “He’s a weak little whiney punk.” His team tried to ignore him. “Backwoods hick. Did you hear him? ‘WaaWaaWaaWaa!’ He was screaming at me, Dude. I wanted to spit in his face.” Read the rest of this entry »

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